I have relocated to Bradenton,Florida I hope to start playing in the area soon. I will be making a few trips to play in Alabama soon as well

New Live Streaming!

Hello all,

     Today I have added a live streaming button to the main page! The button will be blue when inactive and turn orange and say LIVE! when engaged. The biggest hitch at the moment is that to view the stream, your browser for desktops must be Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If you are on mobile, from what I can tell, you will have to create a profile to watch. As for the site, things will continue to change as I attempt to maximize the available features (twitter, facebook, etc.) and see how scheduling live stream events will work. 

     I've done a fair bit of research for which app was the best. I primarily settled on Periscope because of the compatibility with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and its app's ease of use. The problems I ran into on my search were:

1. GoPro Hero 4 Session model has NO streaming capabilities at this time, but we've upgraded to the Silver.

2. The Meerkat live streaming app only works with GoPro Hero 3 models. This is a shame because the interface is very user friendly and from what I have seen on their site, their embed-ible stream player is better than Periscope's. 

4. The 4Live streaming app lacks the ability to embed a link/player html code onto sites. 

5. The Livestream app costs money to get rid of advertisements during broadcasts. 

     The reason I am posting all this is because I have a feeling someone is going to read this and think "I know just the app he's looking for!" If you've come across a better app, reach out and let us know!



T-Shirts Are In!

It's no April Fool's joke.

The Zig Black & Bone Shirts are in and ready for order! Also, Dad is back in business so keep an eye on the calendar! I will be continually updating the site along the way. Feel free to drop a line!



For The Upcoming Weeks

Hello all,

      Recently my father was diagnosed with cancer, and he has been unable to keep an eye on his site while he recovers from his recent surgery. I will be handling things here for the time being. Our entire family truly appreciates the support you have shown him and us.

     Unfortunately, he will be unable to play for the foreseeable future at the moment. We will begin updating the calendar again once we have a timeline for recovery.

Stay tuned for updates,


New Live CD: Combo Number 3

Combo Number 3 is now available, download from this website or order mailed to you!!

The Zigtones Return to the War Eagle Supper Club

No Bullshit!! The Zigtones will play The War Eagle Supper Club Saturday November 7th!!

Sunday October 25 Carolyn Wonderland at C.O.B.

CDs and downloads almost ready for new album

Combo Number 3 my new live recording from the War Eagles Supper Club is uploaded and waiting for some artwork!!! should have Cds in my hand by November 15th  and downloads on CD Baby,iTunes ,Google play etc... even sooner!!

More on Live Recording

Should hear the mixes of the recording on Tuesday and hopefully get this thing out before the end of September!!

Live Recording at The War Eagle Supper Club

Wednesday August 26 I will be recording Live at The War Eagle Supper Club with Eddie Ayers & Wade Allen. Two shows 7:00-9:00 & 10:00-12:00.. We will be performing songs from my two CDs plus some cover songs we enjoy.. Not sure about cover charge yet< but hope you can make it!!

Live CD

setting up to record a live CD fro the famous War Eagle Supper Club sometime in late Augus!! Hopefully as an acoustic trio with my old drummer and friend Ed Hababadingding Ayers and Wade Allen on bass ( while he's recording the show)!! More info soon 

Chuck's Marina

Just added some summer dates for Chuck's Marina on Lake Martin. June 20th,July 18th & August 8th  all 8:00 start times

Site improvements!

New page layout! Feedback is always welcome. Music page is updated and will continue to be. We've added streaming and more options for downloading/buying CDs. Instagram link is fixed as well.

Mobile,Al. CD

Hid a CD on the back patio of O K Bicycle Shop this weekend.. Hope somebody found it!

CD Scavenger Hunt

Im placing some CDs in different places around Montgomery,Mobile and Auburn. (other locations coming soon) and posting pictures on instagram. Free to whoever finds them first.

More CDs!!!

Just reordered more copies of Bluesman & A Day in The Sun. the make great holliday gifts!!!!


Still working on a few songs for the next CD. Mostly blues and slide stuff with a few old cover songs. I had to add Muddy Waters Can't Be Satisfied  because the version of that song live with Johnny Winter led me to buy my first National resonator guitar .With Johnny passing this year I can't stop thinking about what he and SRV meant to me. My older brother Paul Luis is a fantastic jazz and classical guitar player, We don't see each other much, but it's him who got me to listen to Clapton, Santana and many more and for that he has my everlasting love and appreciation! Peace out, zig

more copies of Bluesman

Thanks everyone who has bought my last CD Bluesman  I just received 100 more copies so if you know anyone who wants one come find me and buy them direct from me!!



SOLD OUT of A Day in The Sun CDs will reorder soon!

Have some Bluesman CDs left on eBay will reorder soon!

eBay = CDs

I just put my CDs A Day in The Sun & Bluesman on eBay. I have many friends who say this will be better for them, mostly because of PayPal accounts. just search for Ziggy Luis on eBay!!

Direct Sales

I've had request to buy CDs directly from me (mostly from my old-ass friends that cant figure out downloading) so I'm going to set up a P.O.Box  to do transactions.

Should be ready next week!

CDs are here!!!

I received the first shipment of my new CDs and will have them with me at gigs for $10 apiece!! Come buy one........or two!

Buy My CD Bluesman

 CD is already on CD Baby, iTunes,Amazon  and some other sites! Should have hard copies in my hands by Friday Dec. 20th. Hard copies should be for sale at Amazon and other places in January!


I should have my new CD BLUESMAN at gigs in two weeks and should be ready for download at iTunes and the rest in January!!

CD almost ready!!

Just finished recording the new cd, just have to final mix and add picture and artwork should be good to go in a few weeks!!!

CD update

I've been pretty busy lately, but finally got back into the studio!! Should be finished recording next week then let Wade Allen turn the final knobs and let Jon Holly work his art work magic! Hopefully have CDs before Christmas!!

Please if you have time sign my guest book so I know who's looking!!

half way to success

    Well not much news to tell. I'm about halfway done with the next CD but haven't had a lot of free time to record. It's going to be mostly if not totally slide blues on the old National guitar. My new band The DELTA Reapers have played a few dates here and there and we are developing a small following. Still mostly solo these days and I can't thank my family, friends and fans enough for letting me make a living doing what I love!! Our old Zigtones recordings have been released on iTunes (Link in Music Store) so please give a listen and maybe even buy it! that's about it, Peace out, Zig


Two Friends in Five Days

I have a video of a new song "Two Friends in Five Days" that I wrote for my buddies that passed away Joe Thomas and Jim Brandt, It's on Youtube I hope you like it and feel free to pass it on or share on your facebook page. Zig

Tuesdays at Maestro 2300

We had a blast at Maestro's this Tuesday and we will try to keep doing them all during football season (because I can't play Saturdays, nobody would listen) Chef said he's going to be coming up with some special treats just for Tuesday Nights and Some drink specials have already started!! Hope to see you next week!

Joe Thomas Jr.

By now most of my friends and fans of The Zigtones know about the death of our long time bass player and very close personal friend Joe "Joey New Shoes" Thomas. He will be missed by us all.  My drummer Ben Hagler and I will continue to play on Thursdays at 1048 in Montgomery as an acoustic duo until we see what the future holds.

  Prayers and best wishes to Joe's wife Gini Thomas who is still recovering from injuries. Gini we will see you home soon!!!

New site!

Okay, I've created a new website for my dad. If you saw the old one, then you know this looks 1000 times better than the last. The tools I am using now are are much more user friendly now as well, so maintenance will not be a month long battle for a single change at a time. This site will be constantly updated, so any input is welcome. Just head to the contact section!    Thanks - Paul

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