Site improvements!

New page layout! Feedback is always welcome. Music page is updated and will continue to be. We've added streaming and more options for downloading/buying CDs. Instagram link is fixed as well.


Mobile,Al. CD

Hid a CD on the back payi of O K Bicycle Shop this weekend.. Hope somebody found it!

CD Scavenger Hunt

Im placing some CDs in different places around Montgomery,Mobile and Auburn. (other locations coming soon) and posting pictures on instagram. Free to whoever finds them first.


More CDs!!!

Just reordered more copies of Bluesman & A Day in The Sun. the make great holliday gifts!!!!



Still working on a few songs for the next CD. Mostly blues and slide stuff with a few old cover songs. I had to add Muddy Waters Can't Be Satisfied  because the version of that song live with Johnny Winter…


more copies of Bluesman

Thanks everyone who has bought my last CD Bluesman  I just received 100 more copies so if you know anyone who wants one come find me and buy them direct from me!!



I just reordered copies of "A Day in The Sun" and "Bluesman". should have some to sell at shows for the summer!! They are $10 from me at my live shows and also on eBay. Much more expensive at Amazon…




Have some Bluesman CDs left on eBay will reorder soon! SOLD OUT of A Day in The Sun CDs still some available at CD Baby or Amazon


eBay = CDs

I just put my CDs A Day in The Sun & Bluesman on eBay. I have many friends who say this will be better for them, mostly because of PayPal accounts. just search for Ziggy Luis on eBay!!


Direct Sales

I've had request to buy CDs directly from me (mostly from my old-ass friends that cant figure out downloading) so I'm going to set up a P.O.Box  to do transactions.

Should be ready next week!


CDs are here!!!

I received the first shipment of my new CDs and will have them with me at gigs for $10 apiece!! Come buy one........or two!

Buy My CD Bluesman

 CD is already on CD Baby, iTunes,Amazon  and some other sites! Should have hard copies in my hands by Friday Dec. 20th. Hard copies should be for sale at Amazon and other places in January!