New Live Streaming!

Hello all,

     Today I have added a live streaming button to the main page! The button will be blue when inactive and turn orange and say LIVE! when engaged. The biggest hitch at the moment is that to view the stream, your browser for desktops must be Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If you are on mobile, from what I can tell, you will have to create a profile to watch. As for the site, things will continue to change as I attempt to maximize the available features (twitter, facebook, etc.) and see how scheduling live stream events will work. 

     I've done a fair bit of research for which app was the best. I primarily settled on Periscope because of the compatibility with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and its app's ease of use. The problems I ran into on my search were:

1. GoPro Hero 4 Session model has NO streaming capabilities at this time, but we've upgraded to the Silver.

2. The Meerkat live streaming app only works with GoPro Hero 3 models. This is a shame because the interface is very user friendly and from what I have seen on their site, their embed-ible stream player is better than Periscope's. 

4. The 4Live streaming app lacks the ability to embed a link/player html code onto sites. 

5. The Livestream app costs money to get rid of advertisements during broadcasts. 

     The reason I am posting all this is because I have a feeling someone is going to read this and think "I know just the app he's looking for!" If you've come across a better app, reach out and let us know!



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